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Psa level 12

Our comprehensive product range of over tires offers unique grip and Scandinavian peace of mind. We have high-quality psa level 12 and summer tires especially developed and tested for use on electric cars. In the most demanding driving circumstances, winter tires are the first line prostatita va dispărea de la sine defense.

The modern studding solution of the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 widens the grip limit and gives the driver more time to react before grip disappears and the car loses control.

All studs are placed and positioned using state-of-the-art studding technology and the new, star-shaped studs have been rotated degrees on both shoulders of the tire to ensure they meet the road surface at psa level 12 optimal angle.

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One of the most difficult conditions to handle is slush, especially when it appears slightly frozen between lanes on a busy motorway. The tread pattern of the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 is heavily siped, which drivers will experience as improved stability and advanced snow grip. The center area of the tire tread is very stiff, which makes the driving response precise on bare roads without compromising winter grip.

The new tread compound allows the tire to hold its grip from the mild winter weather to the freezing blizzards. Low rolling resistance generates fuel savings and cuts down on harmful emissions. The resourceful usage of raw materials with a lightly rolling tread pattern makes the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 a more sustainable choice for drivers.

The optimized stud layout is designed to add driving comfort by cutting disruptive noise waves to minimum. To put it simply, when a stud encounters the road surface, the noise wave moves through the tread and the tire stucture before reaching the vehicle cabin. This new layout absorbs the sound and eliminates the most prominent frequency peaks the human ear finds irritating.

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Excellent steering feel, stable and easy handling. Stable when driving on snowy roads. Precise steering. Relatively stable when driving in ruts.

psa level 12

Low noise level and low rolling resistance. Test winner Dagbladet Excellent properties on ice. Excellent steering feel on ice. Shortest braking distance on ice.

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Grip and behavior safety and calm on ice. Excellent steering feel also on snow. Good on wet and dry aspfalt. Test winner Aftonbladet The safest tire in bypass test on wet and dry asphalt, logical to drive, stable when driving in ruts.

psa level 12

Also handling properties on asphalt were excellent: the safest tire in extreme situations, logical handling on dry and wet, good directional stability. Impressive tire, and there is always grip reserve.

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Wonderfully easy to control on ice. Does not lose its grip surprisingly. Rear tires don´t skid in any situations.

Grupul PSA atinge pragul de 1 milion de autovehicule comercializate în Europa, în creştere cu 7,4%

Stable steering and harmonous behaviour. A very good and pleasant tire.

psa level 12

Good grip on wet roads. The tyre is alone psa level 12 receiving a full score in the fuel efficiency category. It also shares the top spot in the category acceleration on ice.

Clear winter focus with improved properties on dry asphalt make up an excellent whole.

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Double Stud technology Maximum remisie în prostatită on ice and snow The studs on the center improve acceleration and braking grip. The star-shaped studs on both shoulders of the tire have been rotated by degrees to ensure that the edges of the studs are always in an optimal position when they meet the road surface. This maximizes grip during turning and lane changes and provides excellent side grip and handling properties.

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Pleasant sound levels and driving comfort are achieved through the optimized stud positioning. Eco Stud 10 Improved ice grip with less road wear The Eco Stud 10 concept combines added base layer thickness and a special stud rubber cushion with an air damping technology.

The air space in the middle of the bottom flange softens the stud impact and reduces road wear.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10

The service life of the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 has been psa level 12 by improving the psa level 12 retention of the tire. More rubber at the base means the studs are firmly attached and stay in place longer. Rubber compound Superior performance in all conditions Impressive winter grip and low rolling resistance. By using cutting-edge mixing technology and high-performance raw materials, the next-generation winter compound of the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 also offers superior winter grip and steady performance in milder weather.

It displays the remaining tread in millimeters together with a snowflake symbol. The snowflake remains visible until four millimeters of tread remain. Once the snowflake has worn out, purchasing new winter tires is recommended to help ensure driving stays safe. All you need is your mobile phone.

Download the Arilyn application from your phone's application store. Open then the Arilyn app. Scan the AR trigger, the image attached to this text, and a 3D image of the tire will show up on your screen.

Enjoy the magic!


For media Welcome to our material bank! Here you can find the source material such as releases, photographs and videos of our new product. All the material is for your free use as long as the source is mentioned. A premium tire saves fuel, is produced in an environmentally safe way, reduces road wear and noise — and looks good.

As with all our products, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 is developed with sustainability in mind.